Ebay help

i had a women contact me about making her a reborn to look like the one she missed winning… when i went to respond ebay said i couldn’t send message because she wasn’t winning bidder, any ideas on how i can get back to her?


It won’t let you click her user name & give you het contact info? I thought that worked for me.

no, she contacted me to see if i could do a custom. i replied yes and that went through.

she then sent me anoth email w/ info on what she wanted and when i went to resond it said since i didn’t have a transaction w/ her they wouldn’t send… did say i could use her email if listed on her ebay page but it wasn’t

They only let you contact people while the auction is listed unless they are the winning bidder. You guys should have exchanged emails first thing. If she has any active listings you could contact her that way. I think that might be the only way.

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You should be able to go to her ebay username and hit contact user or something of that nature.

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ebay does not allow you to do that anymore as far ad I know.

no they wouldnt let me! i even tried another family member ebay name and it still wouldnt let me.

she doesn’t have anything listed for sale so i can’t contact her that way!!

she has sent me 2 emails so far and i cant contact her back!

Try hitting reply from your email browser. If she didn’t block her email address from you it should go to her email.


fingers crossed i hope so because that is what i ended up doing!!!

not that i really want to do another but she was sooooo upset she missed it go off!! she is in scotland and the time difference made her miss the end!!