Ebay and their down day

Anyone hear what Ebay is doing, if anything about everything being down yesterday? I haven’t heard anything…they just told me that they would “make it up” to everyone who had auctions ending that day.

I noticed the searches werent working…

I noticed that too…especially when I tried to search things

It was working late last night because I was looking for OOAK and only found mostly Berenguer’s… what is going on with them? I hardly ever go there because of the things they have done to the reborners but geesh they don’t have much on there do they!
Maybe the old saying, “What you do to others, has a way of coming back to you”. Sorry that is my feelings about ebay…

A 10% off coupon? 10% off what? How did you get that? They credited my fees for that auction, but said I would have to wait and see what the President of Ebay is deciding to do. She said it was such a “Financial loss” that they are not sure what they are going to do to compensate the sellers yet. I think I deserve more than their token $23 credit.