Easy way to identify limbs


When I first started this venture, I made the huge mistake of separating all the limbs and heads so I could put legs in one bin arms in another and have the heads on display until I got with them…
WOW what was I even thinking???

So when I went to sell the 3.4 limbs (i like full limbs) I knew the only way they would sell for a decent price was to identify them.

Most of them have the actual name on the flange part, but almost impossible to read.and my eyes aren’t like they were.

So I took a washable marker and just ran it across the top FAST so the marker ink didn’t get to the inside of the reverse embossing.

It really worked and i got thru them pretty fast.


What a cool idea! I have never been brave enough to separate mine like that. I keep mine in their original bag and box if possible. Sometimes I have to put several in one box. But definitely the original bags. I take them out and examine them to see if there are any flaws. Then, I put them back in the bag and put them away. I always wonder, “How in the world do they get these parts packed in this bag in the first place”… Sometimes I have a difficult time doing it.


that is pretty much the way professionals do it.
im a numbskull


I buy the plastic shoes boxes for a $1. The head and limbs fit in. They stack nicely, too.