Easter Pageant on REAL


Anyone that is registered on REAL might be interested in entering the Easter Contest that Lara is sponsoring. Here is the link…


Thanks Pia! I’m not a member over there but maybe I’ll join! I’ve bought a couple tutorials from her


@pia I am a member over there but how does everyone feel about Alternatives?


I don’t think anyone has said anything about that! Just dress them for Spring or Easter and enter!


OK, thanks. I am going to enter.


The REAL Forum can use the new blood and support!


There is also an ATOM “Artist of the Month” contest every month that photos are due on the 19th… Fun competition and since the BB forum hasn’t done competitions since 2012, it would be fun to have some entries on REAL…


REAL is awesome, everyone should come check it out!


Lara has posted the contest and it is open for voting by members of REAL.


When is the vote over do you know ?


I asked Lara on the post… most contests at set for 5 days and then automatically lock. If I get a response, I will update this topic.


Thanks I went to look and wondered when the winner or winners would be shown always interested in baby contest results .


The AOTM contest entries on REAL are due by 9:00pm Eastern time on the 19th… Jenny needs one more entry before the contest is a go for this month!


I joined that forum the other day. But I can’t see hardly any content because of all the ads. Is there a way to get rid of those? :grimacing:


I don’t think there is anything you can do… when you “log in” there are fewer ads and they are just on top. If you are not logged in, they are at the bottom and top…


They are all lovely babies, but for me the contest is between baby #2 and #4. Tough decision there.


Voting appears to still be open, so if she ran it for 6 days, it will close early tomorrow morning? Never know with Lara!


Congratulations on your win !!! I thought I recognized the work of the artist behind your entry .


Thank You! I love contests!! Voting is now open on the REAL Artist of the Month competition and there are 4 GORGEOUS entries…


I like seeing the babies and to watch the voting as it goes watching for me is always more fun than having an entry to watch :wink: Not as many entries in this one are they nominated to compete in this one and then the favorite chosen ?