Easter challenge prizes


Anybody else donating anything for a prize?


I can donate something. I have kits, or I can donate knitted item or crocheted. I’ll check when I get home later this evening


What sort if prizes are usually given?


I have an item. Not sure if knitted or crocheted as I’m not a yarn guru.


For our Christmas challenge the prizes were a crocheted Layette ,BB gift card ,
Crocheted hat and bootie sets and mohair .The items were generously donated by acouple of our wonderful members .


Are prizes being shipped to the organizer to be dispersed? I can direct message a photo of the item and see if it’s wanted. It is only a top and bottom though.


I’d like to donate something. Can it be anything baby related?


Trinity you are welcome to send me a picture .Items are usually shipped directly to the winner


Yes I can be anything baby related