Easter baby swap info!

There has been a request and a lot of interest for another baby swap so here is the info!!

This will be an Easter baby swap and Easter is April 4 2010!! Lets try and have all babies shipped by March 25th 2010.

There will be 3 different price groups for the kit

If you would like you can sign up more then once and in different $ groups…

sign up for the Easter Swap will close on dec 1st and I will pm the person you will be reborning for on the 2nd.

please pm me the following info

$ kit group:
your top 5 kits
preemie, newborn::
do you want magnets:
do you want baby smell:
do you smoke or have pets:
any other important info:

Lets have annother fun swap!!!

Sounds great! I’ll pm my information soon. April 3 is my birthday, so I’ll pretend it’s a birthday baby too! This was fun, wasn’t it? Thanks for organizing it for us, Irene. We appreciate you!

this was fun to do the thanksgiving one but I’ll have to think about it. I am due March 26th…so I’d have to get it done early…and probably shipped early, just in case! I’ll think about it and let you know in a few days!

you can always send early if you want to join I am sure the person you reborn for wont mind

If you don’t want to join this time around that is understandable:)))

take care of yourself and that little one. Do you know what you are having?

I can’t wait to start and then to get my Little One. It has been about 3 years since Robin and I have gotten a reborn so we are both excited. I have 1 question though, if you use a kit that is on sale do you count the price that you bought it at or the regular price. I think it would be the regular price but I just want to make sure.

thanks, I will let you know. yeah, we are having a boy! Dresden will be his name (still working on a middle name can’t decide between: Levi, Malachi, and Isaac, or whatever else comes to mind before we decide!)

you count the regular price and you count yourself lucky,lol.

make sure you pm me both you and your sisters info!!!

awwww little boys so cute, love the name

April 3rd is my b-day too!! Birthday easter baby!!!

I know this is a confusing but I have another question. Most of the BB kits show their reg. price as $59.95 and then they have that crossed out and have the price you actually get it at. The crossed out reg. price makes it seem like the kit is on sale but it has never been sold at the reg. price. Do BB kits count in the $50-$80 range (because that is what the reg. price is) OR is it under $50 because the kit normally sells in that range??? I think BB kits are included in the less then $50 because they don’t sell at the higher price. TIA!!!


Jamie_S and I are birthday twins! We’ll both have a nice birthday gift next spring, won’t we Jamie?!?!?

we are getting a good turn out for this one!! So far 13 have signed up and 4 of them are making 2 babies!!!

I hope we get a lot more as this is a lot of fun!!

— Begin quote from “ggbdolllover”

Jamie_S and I are birthday twins! We’ll both have a nice birthday gift next spring, won’t we Jamie?!?!?

— End quote

Yes I"m so excited!!! A surprise baby and on your b-day so fun!!!

I will be signing up, I haven’t decided if I want to do two or one yet, will send you my info this weekend!! SOOOOOOOO EXCITED:) One question though is the 5 top kits are they the ones you would like to receive as your swap baby?

yes they are the ones you would like but there is no gurantee it just helps give an idea what you like!!!

oops almost put my info here, never mind.LOL

bumping for anyone who missed the posting and would like to join!!!


Woo hoo! I’m so excited and scared! Practice! Practice! Practice!

so far we have

8 in the 0-50

4 in the 50-80

8 in the 80 up group

this is going to be a nice big group

i hope more joins!