Earthquakes and unicorns


Everyone is ok, but my family said the earthquake in Aaska this morning was intense. My cousin said as soon as it hit the power went out-- so they were in the dark with things crashing all around them :flushed:

This is one of the roads leading to my mom’s house

Library at a college my friend works at

Road at the epicenter (basically right in my hometown)

And, in a stroke of good timing, the unicorn kit I’ve been waiting on!! Nothing like a little unicorn magic to fix a stressful day :heartpulse::unicorn::heartpulse:


I am glad they are all okay.

It hit hard :frowning:


Oh no glad everyone is ok.

Cute Unicorn, can’t wait to see what you do with him!


Yikes, those are crazy pictures! I’m glad your family is okay!

I love the unicorn kit! I got the little one in the mail today:)


Where’s the “wow” button when you need it? This post needs a :open_mouth:. I don’t know what else to say, except Wow!


Glad your family is unharmed. That looks like it was a strong quake!


Thanks, ladies! I just got off Facetime with my mom- she is dealing with a leaky hot water heater and making sure propane and fuel oil are turned of in case of leaks, that kind of stuff. But overall the house is ok- no broken windows or anything. My aunt’s house sounds a little worse off, almost falling off the foundation beams. My family is gathering together tonight to eat soup and drink lots of wine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Babies I can’t wait to see your unicorn!


I am so happy they are fine. It had to be so terrifying with things flying around and they had no way to know where to hide. Those pictures show horrible damage. Hoping they get it all back up and going soon.


Yep, it was a 7.0 which is pretty dang big! The worst I ever felt when I lived there was a 6.4, and it felt like the world was going to break apart. Terrifying. I’m so very thankful that nobody was hurt! No casualties reported in the state.


Thanks, I can’t wait to see yours too! I won’t be getting to mine for a long time, it is for my daughter and she knows I need to do ROSE babies first.


The San Francisco earthquake in 1989 was a 7.0. That’s huge. The upper deck of the Bay Bridge collapsed, trapping and killing people on the lower deck of the bridge. I love California but I hope I never experience another earthquake of that magnitude.


I remember that one happening, and Alaskans have always felt solidarity with Californians in regard to earthquakes. So, I also remember the movies and media and warnings that came after it, that it was going to happen in Alaska too. It was so tragic that people lost their lives. Thank god nobody did this time.

Here’s some video footage if anyone is interested. It’s a little intense, just a warning if you’re sensitive to things like that.


So glad your family is ok!

love the unicorn


It’s really good to hear that your family is all ok, but those devastating pictures are really scary!! Thank goodness there was NO loss of life, that’s a BAD quake. We have small tremors here in So Cal all the time, they say it’s how we pick our Avocados!! hahaha.


Just saw this of facebook


Hahaha that’s the truth!!


I liked the post for the unicorn kit. Such an awful thing to go through, I’m pleased your family are okay, sending love.


Wow that picture of the road looks like something out of a movie how scary awful for those poor people.
Love the unicorn !


Glad your family is ok. Those pictures are scary!..aside from your Uni, can’t wait to see what you do with it.
I used to live in California but did not live there when they had the major quakes. I did live in Las Vegas during one of the major ones in CA and we felt it, it was the day after my second daughter was born June 26, 1992