E-bay Categories

Hi all, which categories do you usally list your reborns in? I use Dolls and Bears>Dolls>Reborn>Reborn Dolls . Since it’s recomended to use 2, i was wondering which would be the better 2nd choice. Thanks DEE

Thanks, DEE

I mostly use search terms. I don’t know how to select categories other than the main one. After I start a search I may narrow it down to a more likely category and continue in that category. Sometimes I’ll do another search and Ebay tosses me into a totally unrelated category - that is very aggravating.

The tossing happens to me more with fabric and trims than with dolls though. In the doll area I use search terms, often including sculpt name or Stoete or Knopps or whomever. I sometimes just type ‘reborn’ and start browsing with ‘ending soonist’. I find interesting new things that way.