E-bay bidder did not pay


I listed my Dominic girl, had only 1 bid from a person that just joined ebay that day of the bid. This person was sent and invoice along with payment instructions and was told that the doll will be relisted if not paid for. I still haven’t heard from the person.
So today I can relist, what should I do about a none payer and will I be charged e-bay fees for something that was not bought ?


Open a “non paying bidder” case…so you won’t have to pay ebay fees.


if I do that do I have to wait longer to relist /


Yes you’ll have to wait longer to relist until the case is close but you won’t have to pay eBay fees on the item you didn’t get paid for and it will give the non payer a strike on their account. You have to wait two days after your item has sold to open up a case.


I thought so, wasn’t sure. But how long do I have to wait to relist after I file the case. I really need to list now to hopefully get it sold ? the auction ended 2 days ago


You have to wait until the case is closed to relist


I understand that, but how long for that


The case takes about 4 days and as soon as it closes you can relist…or I just thought about it, if you don’t want to go through all that, you can just go to the resolution center and cancel the transaction then the eBay fees for that transaction should go away within a few minutes


ok, ill give that a try
thank you


The case will not close by itself until few weeks, and if that happens you will NOT get your fees back, To get your fees back you need to close the case manually. You need to wait for few days and keep checking until the option to close the case appears. Then you click on close, and it will ask you if the person paid or not, and you click on NO. Just read all the instructions and follow them.


Please let us know this person’s eBay ID so we can add them to our ebay block lists.


I’ll add them too. I’m going through the same thing with my Laila fairy. I messaged them and they said they have been ill. I’m going to have to open a case