Dying wigs help needed

Hi, I have a 15-16 blonde wig that is an off yellow. is there any way to color it without the
cap turning color. thanks, rosemarie

I’m not real sure how this can be done but if you are trying to get rid of the yellow color hair, I would check to see if perhaps using something like blissfully blonde toner may or may not work. I know years ago I had bleached my hair to a blonde and I hated it because it seemed so yellowy and a girl I worked with told me that she used blissfully blonde toner on her hair so I got some and tried it on my hair and it took all the yellow out and made it look very natural color of blonde.

that sounds hopeful. thank you for posting. I remember when older ladies used the blueing
product to whiten clothes on their yellow hair. lol rosemarie

Hi Rose -just be sure that the wig is mohair and not a synthetic blend as these will not take the dye!!!