Dumb trick of the day

Well, I pulled one yesterday…finished up painting on my Trey …getting ready to do hair and picked up a limb and I forgot to do the mottling (blushing) on the knees, feet, etc…I did the head, don’t know where my mind was on the limbs! Problem is, I have already set and baked 3 times with the heat set matte varnish…can I paint over this or what do I need to do? Please advise. Thanks!


(by the way, chose my nursery name yesterday…It is Joyful Sounds Nursery)

I would say thats not a problem. I use matte finish on shiney spots and paint over it. It gives the paint something to grab onto…hope this helps…

I like your nursery name too…

Oh, I was so hoping you would say that! Glad you like the name also…guess I better get back to painting…lol