Duh!Stuff jointed arms & legs


Duh! I have just realised that you have to stuff the top part of the arms and legs on the jointed bodies BEFORE attaching the vinyl arms & legs.
I was so excited to fill the arms & legs and attach to the body to see how it was going to look (even though I haven’t finished the head yet) so I just filled then up and attached them, now I realise that I will have to cut the cable ties to take them off again to stuff the top of the arms and legs part of the body. I guess you stuff all the body before attaching arms & legs, not attach them and then stuff body.
Oh well, we learn by our mistakes


We have all done crazy things. I keep a couple extra bundles of ties on hand just for these occasions.


Hah I’ve done that too. I also use a little trick to weigh those caps down a bit by using clear marbles mixed with the fluff - it only takes a few, but gives the shoulder caps some weight too.


Ginnylee that’s a good idea. I’ve had some arms not stay where i put them when poseing them and now i know how to fix that problem.


Haa Haa! Been there, done that. What I really get mad at was when I put the limbs on backwards and the wrong arm or leg on the wrong side. Now I always double and triple check before I fasten.


Oh my yes if I had a dime for every time I worried because the first one I put together I put the legs on wrong foot. lol I never do it without checking and double checking


well, if misery loves company, I’ve been there, too! It’s so aggravating to realize it after the fact! I get excited, too, when it’s time to assemble, and fingers work quicker than my old brain! You should hear the words! (Or maybe not!)


I just overstuffed the arm and leg caps the first few times…made the upper part of the limb look really weird thru the clothes. Learned that “less is more” when it comes to stuffing that part. But I do like the idea of weighting it a little. Would the metal bbs work too? I did learn to put on the legs first when stuffing a full leg body so I don’t end up with all the stuffing falling out the holes…LOL!