Drying time...?

So - no luck with my previous question about oil colours, but i searched the forum and found a little bit here and there
Maybe someone knows if there´s any differens between oil colours and
Genesis heat-set paints EXEPT for the drying time???
Modern oil colours will actually dry within 12-14 days if NOT thinned out.
When thinned out they´ll dry a lot faster. You can put on the next layer of paint after 3 hours ( for colours that are NOT thinned out)

So I´m a bit confused about it but I would love to hear from somebody who
knows a bit more about this.
BTW - you people in here make BEAUTIFUL dolls
You´re really talented.


I hope someone can answer this for you. I have never used the oil paints, just the Genesis paints. I know the genesis are supposed to be permanent after they are baked. I dont know about the oils but have heard of others that have used them.

the genisis will cure in about 8 minutes in the oven , I’ve not painted a baby with oils, sorry not much help,