Dream baby?

if you could have any sculpt customade for you… Which would u choose?

Any one of Romie Strydom’s FB silicone.


For SURE a FB silicone Romie Strydom, can’t wait to go to Rose show in Denver she is going to be there!!! So excieted :smile: :sunglasses:

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What is a fb silicone?

Full Body Silicone. You’ll catch on !!

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Awww, thank you Lynn:-)

You’re very welcome, glad to oblige.

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I also would LOVE to have one of Romie’s silicones. They are very exceptional.

I would love an open eyed Laura Lee Eagles sculpt with a full body.

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Wilma by Karola wederich - I love her❤️💋

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ide love to have either of these two but im not sure if ide like them done for me or ide like to do them myself my skills arent even close to being honored enough to touch either of these kits yet hopefully one day