Downsizing kits :) REDUCED AGAIN 4/23


I have far too many kits here- I am open to best offers and trades. Shipping is per zip code and paypal fees are additional or you can use family and friends. I can take photos as needed. I work all week outside the home- so I can ship the next day. Pm if interested :slight_smile: ( Listed low to higher end)

Older Shyann Kit with mixed limb $25 ( Molly) sold
Aspen Rose by Michelle Fagan $29
Jazmine by Adrie Stoete- Asian kit- boo boo kit- pm for details- perfect for airdry $35
Alsu by Gaylina Gaysina $40
Marjie by Adrie Stoete $45
Auke by Margreet Geerlings $65 includes body
Kristan by Phil Donnelly $65
Mia Cradle KIt- no body $70
Owen by LTR- with body and COA $110
Rosa by karola Wegerich $85
Bethany and Amelie Cradle kit $105 ea- have bodies
Carmen Stoete with body, plate and COA $115sold
More coming…


Is Jazmine the soft line kit?




She is cute! @jlesser do you know if she is soft line?


I am not sure. Kristi knows tons of kits (more than me :wink: ) I am sure she can answer all your questions about it.


Thanks! @jlesser


She is a regular ADRIE STOETE Kit :grinning:


Thanks, I did look her up! I am passing on the little cutie.


No worries- if no one want her I might make her - she’s kinda unique


Carmen Stoete traded TY


REDUCED :smiley: take a look


I’m not familiar with Marjie Stoete. Could it be Majara?


No It’s Marjie by Adrie Stoete-



Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t see it when I googled.


REDUCED Prices again


Any heads only? Thanks :pray:t2:


Bb heads or other? I can look