Down payments on payment plan babies ? HELP




Omg… I can not beleive what she sent to me on Ebay. Wow… I have everything I am so glad I keep everything. I kept the paypal contract we made even and I’m glad because I didnt want it to get nasty but if she goes lieing to people about me it will. I just sent her the last email I am going to contact Ebay on blocking her and once I know she has the package thru my tracking I will block her on my email.


I will up date everyone on the baby situation soon I’m really struggling with my RA flares and migaines stress causes huge flares :frowning: being home alone doesn help. Also here in MD we’ve had major flooding the past 2 weeks. ur garage flooded the night before last so I’ve had that to deal with that to :upside_down_face: overwhelmed right now. But thankful it’s not inside the house. When my hand and arm swelling goes down I will update.
THANK YOU… for your support!!
This is also why I need you wonderful artist to make babies for me :slight_smile: my body won’t aloud me i hope this isnt spelled like a 2 year old I’m talking into my phone and the voice thing does not l do well.


Ouch!!! I’m sorry you are going through all of this. :confused: