Down payments on payment plan babies ? HELP


totally agree with this!!! NEVER send a doll to the payment clears, and funds are in your hand, or paypal balance
I also would never take other items, or dolls as payment, JMO


Exactly, they are all luxuries, not a needed item


The reason why conmen can con people is because they are so charming and believable. Do NOT fall for it.

Never send anything unless you have the full amount.


This is easy to sort out IMO. You don’t ship a doll til it is paid in full. If the lady can’t pay in full, refund her and move on. All her tears, drama, and sob stories do not change a thing. You buy you pay then you get your purchase. You don’t get it til you pay it in full. Simple.


You should get the full payment first. Her whole "I can’t stop crying’ thing reeks of scam. All she has to do is send the rest of her money. What did she expect a silicone baby for a vinyl one?


Yes. Grown-ups don’t cry over having to pay for a doll before it ships.


I agree. It’s not like there aren’t $100 reborns out there. I actually see some pretty decent dolls being sold way too low. People need to buy what they can afford. Monthly payments should be for houses and cars…necessities. There is never a valid reason why someone should justify making payments on a doll they can’t afford and don’t need.


Your husband is a wise man.


Very true. But back when I was broke (grew up very poor and scrambled a bit as a young adult to get established), I could have not even been concerned with that. I was too worried about buying food and keeping my electricity on. Even when I started making good money,my first priority was to pay off debts and save for emergencies.


You should NOT feel bad. Your husband is so right. Anyone know better that when you put something on layaway you pay before you get get it. I would send her doll straight back to her and any other money if so. If the Dolls for sale again please post pictures. I want one lol. In the future ask for a sizable Dow payment.


I have only sold 2 babies on payment plans. I made it clear that the babies would be paid in full before they were mailed. Neither buyer had a problem with it.


Thank you


First I want to thank everyone for their support. I got a migraine last night and I’m feeling pretty yucky. I don’t post much I just read and look I love reborns and my husband just started buying them for me in December bless his soul he had no idea ha…ha… I’m very ill 24 surgerys home bound and no large ingestion when I lost my intestines in 2012 and went down to 80lbs I really went down hill and my body all though I’m a healthy weight now is still struggling. I developed several other disorders including a blood clot disorder where I get them in my lungs so hospitals and Drs are all I see outside my 4 walls. My husband did this for me for joy not stress.With having chronic pain Ra,FMS CFS CHS you need something to help keep your mind off of it.
It was my choice to sell the silicone baby he bought for me he has not asked me to he doesn’t care about paying on the unexpected hospital bill but I know how I feel stressed so I wanted to give him the same love in return and as nice as they are I found I was afraid to touch them and I’ve only changed her once so it’s a shame for a drink and wet baby to sit there. But we budget for hospital Bill’s we just didnt l know our son was going to need to go out of network :frowning: and he has a depression anxiety disorder and after being bullied terrible at school last year tried to hang his self. After my father inlaws suicide in 2001 my husbands uncles in 2011 and our 19 year old nieces in 2016 we are terrified of that with our son. He was so close to his cousin like a sister and that just put him more depressed.
So that explains a little it’s not I can’t aford her I’m just trying to help my husband out.
PS: My adult son just drove here after a 3am shift and mailed her baby back :slight_smile:


You have been through A LOT. And humongous hospital bills I’m sure blindsided you. Been there, done that. It is awful to get stuck with a ton of those.

Please don’t think I was talking about this kind of situation when I said that people should not buy what they can’t afford. Some people are on a limited income, barely scrape by and can not afford these luxuries on a good day. But they try anyway, so the minute a virus sends them to urgent care or any little thing comes up, they are tapped out and can not make their payments. Of course people can do what they want with their money, but it just seems like it would add a lot of stress to their lives.


I’m glad you sent the baby back. What a scammer this lady is!!! No one ships anything in today’s world without payment IN FULL. she thought she had a live one. I would block her, she is going to give you every sob story in the book now.
YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT! :kiss::heart:️:grinning:


I’m sorry to hear about your health problems. I am glad that baby has been sent back now. Please keep us updated as to how it goes.


I believe if she truly intended to make payments, she would have okay with you not wanting to ship until paid in full.


I did to Dolly, sad that people scam I hate it. My mom was arrested several times in front of me and my sister it was so scary. We didnt understand and I know it was wrong once o gir older and did. But she was terrified and write bad checks to buy us food and pay the rent . My biofather beat her and my sister for 16 years and she didnt know anything so she just knew small jobs and I was sick from the age if 5 months old . Until I met my husband at 15 I did not know what a vacation was a amusment park to me was Disney world times 5. His parents asked him one day what’s wrong with her why us he so excited when we give her bags of candy at xmas and Easter :frowning: he said because mom not everyone handed a good life and she has never had the kind of thing. The reborns are luxurious item a collector’s item like expensive model cars and Even legos my son builds 5,000 piece legos and the one was $500.00 but it sits on a shelf it’s not a toy!

He was only 6 years old here he’s 15 now these are his collector items!


Oh I’m sorry Dolly,
I guess my wording did sound that way :frowning: I was just explaining that we don’t by the babies and get in debt over it but I do think it’s a shame for her to sit as much as she cost But obviously I’m not in a hurry or desperate because I was kind enough to even consider a payment plan with this person and it would take almost a year but she lived her and I wanted her to be happy I like making people happy!
Thank you for your support


Never ever send a doll without receiving the full balance. She chose to send you a doll as a down payment. The leaves you under NO obligation to send the silicone doll to her without the doll being payed off. No. Just No. If this person is truly an established artist, they should know how this works. For this person to expect you to send a doll that is worth significantly more than her $250 doll/down payment, then it is she that has the issue.