Down payments on payment plan babies ? HELP


(THANK YOU ) FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT) for those who have read this all I’m very ill I havent slept in 5 days my husband and 15 year old are away on vacation a very much needed one . My son spent 66 days in the hospital this winter and this is a trip that was planned before he took ill ( and had to be postponed 2 years )So they are gone 10 days . After her emails yesterday I got a migraine I have chronic migraines so I’m on meds for them but stress and ect. …they break thru and I havent slept in 5 days missing my boys.
I wanted to let you know that my adult son and his wife who work a 3am shift mind you,came straight over after work and took her package right to the post office. If my son had time off I think he would have driven it to TX after he saw my eye swollen from the migraine :frowning: I have such great support system in my boys ,daughter in law and husband but hated asking him with his schedule to drive down here and knew he would. When he lived here and he lived here until he was 25 lol… he’s 28 now and I would meet people at the hospital when I was admitted he worked there. They would find out after a couple days I was his mom and just rave about how much he talked about me how strong I am( I’m not though) how much he wanted to have my strength and how much he worried about me all the time :frowning: everywhere I went and someone knew my son I got a comment or a how are you feeling. He is so dedicated to me and so is my precious daughter’ inlaw. Ok, sorry for the book.
I wanted to share the update since you all have been so kind and I am so thankful I added what I sent her to day and the pics. She never responded to my email at all yesterday. I also took pics of the box as I received it and as I was sending it. I’m afraid this isn’t over because I see she is sending me messages through Ebay now and I’m not going to even respond through there. She only paid $ 9.93 to ship it here mine was $24.00 I got $220.00 insurance so I could pay her back if she says she did not get it.

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Can I please get some much needed advice from you wonderful ladies?? I met a ladie on Ebay when I had my full silicone (drink and wet system baby for sale) she seemed very nice we have talked back and forth a few months now probably about 50 messages I felt like we had became friends. She is a artist and does beautiful work on reborns I’m not sure if she calls her work alternative but they are all.differnt she does not do any the same they are painted beautiful and each has a story with him or her and ect … and I really havwnr seen anyone else do ones like hers but her . She wanted my baby because it looks like her granddaughter but even though I’m selling her below her value doesn’t have the funds right now. I really like one of her art babys that was on Ebay for $250.00 and said she could send him for a down payment to hold her and pay me $100.00 a month for my silicone baby. It took her over a month to end her and she missed the first months payment in July because she ended up having sinus surgery I was so worried something happened because she always emailed back and was not and and a friend answered and said she was recovering and would pay in August and they would mail the baby ( but 10 days went by no baby) i got a message aye was home and she was sending the baby , and she said she couldn’t wait to get hers . I was shocked at that moment I realized she assumed as soon as she give me the down payment baby at $250.00 I would send out the silicone with her balance of $1,000 my husband said absolutely not :frowning: so inemailee he back right away and explained that the baby was just like
Cash down payment I was sorry I had to wait until she made payments but when she put 1/2 the balance I would send her. I got the baby yesterday and I have not opened her because I wanted to wait and talk to her first and sadly she sent me emails saying I planned this :frowning:
I’m not only hurt because I have not listed my baby since she told me she wanted her i have her in a safe place waiting for her and i was ok she missed her first months payment I’m very understand of illness I’ve has 24 surgerys .
TO ALL YOU ARTIST WOULD YOU SEND BABY WITH PAYMENT PLANS WITH A DOWN PAYMENT ? EVEN A DOWN PAYMENT THATS A DOLL A TICKET A PIE ECT… ITS STILL LIKE CASH but a down payment isnt it? I’m going to attach what she sent me today. Of course I’m sending her baby back as I said I never opened it. But am I wrong? I’ve bought 8 babies sold 4 and I’m on my 3rd costume made and not one would send me my baby or start making my baby with out money. Only 2 took partial payment and the others wanted it in full. Sighh…
I feel.bad but I also have a $900.00 hospital bill my son was in the hospital 66 days.
I put #s on the attachments so you could know which screen shot to read first and it would be to confusing. I blocked names #s emails for her privacy. I dont want drama or her hurt in ANY way I just have never seen it done the way shes wanting it done. Even when I’ve done my trades we never send until BOTH give send a tracking #


Am I reading this correctly, are you asking if you should send the baby with her paying payments? If so, never do so. It never ends well.


Personally, I would never ship a baby before it is paid in full. Once they have the doll, they have no motivation to continue paying, and there is no way to recoup the rest because (as you said) it is standard practice to ship once the total is paid in full.

For me, I am not in any place to extend credit to a stranger. I can’t afford to eat the loss if they don’t pay.

That may sound harsh, but reborns are not necessities, they are luxury items. No one will suffer if I don’t front them a baby. You have been more than accommodating, I wouldn’t want any more involvement with this lady.


I would never send out a doll until the payments are made in full. NEVER. Just me though. I have seen others do it and it mostly ends in disaster. If it were me, I would send her baby back and list yours for sale again. Her being an artist, I’m actually surprised by this. Does she send out her dolls to people who haven’t paid them off completely?


I would absolutely never send a doll to anyone without having the FULL payment. Not half, 100%. This is not negotiable in the least little bit.


I also would never send a baby until I received full payment. I made up a purchase agreement which I get the customer to sign and it clearly states that I will keep hold of the baby until full payment is made.


I wouldn’t ever send a baby until all payments are received. And reputable customers wouldn’t ever expect you to send them til they make the last payment. I would halt all communication with someone as soon as they indicated that they expect the doll before they pay. That’s the kind of customer who just keeps adding demands and sob stories. The only way to end it is to stop playing their game. :confused:


This women is extremely intelligent she is artist her self instead of a $200.00 down payment I liked one if her art dolls that was on Ebay and she just sent me her for a down payment bring the silicone baby down to $1,000. She expect me to believe that I planned and agreed she would then get silicone and pay me $100 payments until shes paid for. If these babies were a even trade YES then its called a trade I’ve done that. But I can’t aford to trade a $1,500 baby for $200 one. Shes been doing reborn art for years and even told me I needed to sell her for much more because shes worth more she’s higher grade silicone from Russia not the grade used here and it’s a huge difference I know that I have a few other silicone items and you can feel and see difference. I am not out to make what I paid I just want to pay my sons hospital bill.
Thanks for answering I feel so bad she says I hurt her and it hurts to hear her say she trusted me and thought I was kind like her :frowning: I am a good person I would love to beleive everyone is trusting. I hate this :cry:


We’ve been talking for months and she is a artist to so this really did surprise me :frowning: I’m home bound and alone for 10 days so I need to find someone to get her down payment baby back but I will send it back I never even opened it once I saw her message.


Are you in the US? You can print a label from home and have the post office pick it up from you with your regular mail delivery so you don’t have to venture out to the PO.


Yes I am but I’m concerned because now that she thinks I’m scamming her and I’ve been on the phone with the post office 3 times this week with the so called supervisor. My husband sent out a gift and the eyes I sent to my artist who is making a special order baby started months ago for me. He sent it b4 he left last Saturay 2 day shipping my friend/artists brother died so this box has some very special things in it not only did it not make it to her yet its shipped round my state and says it’s now back to my post office again. I’m seeing is ups or FedEx will pick up though.


I know UPS does pickups. I’m not sure about FedEx.


Thank you


I think you were smart not to open it. Send it back, re-list your silicone doll…leave it at that.


Never ship a doll to a buyer until you’ve been paid for it and the total price has cleared into your Paypal or bank account. And make it clear in all your listings that this is what will happen. If this woman is a doll artist, she should already know this is how sales are done.
She is trying to get your silicone doll by bullying you and taking advantage of your good heart. I know you don’t want to be mean or hurt anyone’s feelings, but she is trying to trick you into a very bad situation.
Send her doll back to her and start over by relisting yours for what it’s worth. And block her from bidding if you are listing on Ebay!


No. SHE is the scammer.
She’s a scammer.

Don’t fall for it!


Send her baby back to her and be done with her. She is definitely trying to scam you.


I will never send another baby without full payment up front. People, unfortunately, even if they are not scammers, can take advantage of you. Even with payment plans, it can be very stressful if they miss a bunch of payments or take a REALLY long time to pay for the doll. Because all that time, you could have found a home for that doll while you were waiting waiting and waiting. People shouldnt buy dolls they cannot afford, they need to make their payments on time. I’ve bought silicone dolls and I had my crap paid in less than 30 days. And I communicated exactly when the next installment would be instead of them coming looking for me. This community is so tight knit, that if an artist who is buying a baby, isnt forthcoming in payments, their reputation is on the line and it should be. They should very well know better! Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Its a sad day in this community when a reborn artist strings you along with your own doll.


100000% agreed. I can not understand why this happens so much.

All over the place I see people scrambling to make payments on dolls they can’t afford. One trip to urgent care and they can’t make their payment. If your money is that tight, you can not afford an expensive doll. Save it for unexpected expenses.


Nobody gets a baby until paid in full from me.I do not know of any artist that would send any reborn out without full payment and I sure would not send out an expensive silicone without full payment.