Double New Release! Realborn® Brooklyn and Aria Asleep are Here!

Guess What?!!!

Our much anticipated surprise release babies from ROSE 2018 are now available on our website! Darling Realborn® Brooklyn and Aria Asleep will steal your heart. Both of these new releases are featured on our home page now at:

Aria is a petite baby who weighed only 3 lb 9 oz at birth. We were so thrilled to be able to make a Realborn® of this adorable little girl! Aria’s kit is preemie sized and comes with full limbs. Here is a link to purchase her Realborn®: You can also see more of the real baby here: I just loved how tiny real Aria was in comparison to her little teddy bear (in the last real baby photo), Aria was a fun baby to work with!

We also have Realborn® Brooklyn available now. Real Brooklyn was a chunky little sweetheart who weighed 8 lb 8 oz at birth. You can see real Brooklyn’s newborn photo session here: I must admit, real Brooklyn’s photo session is one of my favorite newborn sessions to date! I absolutely loved every setup we did for this sweet little girl, and she was such a champ to work with too!

Here is a link to purchase Brooklyn’s adorable Realborn® kit: Brooklyn’s scrunchy little face is to die for! Both Brooklyn and Aria are must have babies!


Bountiful Baby