Dont know if I should order Kyra

Its hard to resist the sales even though I already have one pink Kyra kit I’m dreading doing because I find the pink so hard to make.

I need to go to Reborners anonymous- “My name is Debi and I am addicted to doll kits.” Do you think I could go to a rehab in a warm location by the sea?

Debbie if I get to a place where my dolls dont sell -I well open up a clinic for reborn addics-it well be a qiute sunny bed and breakfast type place where we can all just sit around and …OH dear I quess that wont help well it …LOL

Ha, Ha! Debi…you’d have lots of company!
I just ordered Kyra!
Wrap me up in white canvas & haul me off!


The only thing that is saving me is that I knew this would be an issue with these super deals, and made a list ahead of time of kits I would get if they came up as the DOTD. So far I’ve been good, although I did decided to make all 3 triplets instead of just Taite (whoops). So every day a kit appears not on that list I’m a little disappointed and a little relieved.

I wish I could get this kit but I can’t. No extra dolly money until thursday! lol Oh well.

Thank God I’m really picky and find most kits not interesting, or else…

Kyra, though… Even though she’s not exactly “my type of baby”, I still like her enough to tingle inside…

So glad I’m not the only one hanging around late nights waiting to see who will be next!

You all are so funny
At least Im not waiting until midnight.

I think we should take up Chers offer to go to her bed and breakfast and reborn dollies. We can draw the curtains and secretly make dolls.
Cher is it warm and do you live near the ocean?

I wanna go too! I have been staying up till 1 a.m. to see the new baby on sale. I sure hope that when they put us way they supply us with babies and reborn supplies:)

I meant to say “put us Away”! as in a rubber room!

I would love to be “put away” where all I had to do is reborn dolls! Sounds great to me.

Oh my gosh…do not tempt me so!! Wouldn’t that be a hoot!!


Im ready to go tubing in TX I have my bathing suit on, any posionous snakes in that river? Well me in my bathing suit will probably scare them away.

Come on girls we need to get us a bus.

— Begin quote from “omagruene”

lol you guys are too funny!!My famliy has a B&B and it’s not by the ocean but steps aways from a very warm river where tubbing is a must l So everyone pack up your dolly stuff and and don’t forget your bathing suit and head to central TX to a little town called Gruene TX! It has been in the 70’s all week SS

— End quote

OMG girlfriend…you didn’t tell them that the water, even in the 100 degree summertime will freeze their patooties off…it is soooo much fun to go tubing, but it’s so cold…lmao

DebiC…I feel your pain. Sign me up for Reborners, Anonymous when you sign in, please! A weekend getaway doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all! At least we’d understand one another and not give each other weird looks. Daughter went to dr. and I took a head with us to work on rooting and the doctor walked in…said he’d seen some weird things, and he wasn’t even going to ask or comment LOL

Whats the matter with that DR didnt they teach him anything in med school? hehehehe