Donna Rubert Kits.. I wish they would make

I wish “Amanda” was produced in vinyl. I love her chubby little legs…

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Oh yes! How adorable and I love her little tutu

I have a dollie friend that makes porcelain dolls. She loves seeing the vinyl versions.

I’m still hoping someone makes a younger, chubby 24" standing baby.

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— Begin quote from “Windeec”

Love those legs on the real baby! I think the chubby ankles might be hard to replicate, as some of the vinyl chubs I have seen, it looks like support stockings and slipped and bunched up around the ankles!

If they ever produce Amanda, they MUST include a tushie plate! A wee bit of butt cheek should show on her reach.

— End quote

She will definitely need at least full legs. Fun to dream.