Donations needed for Bountiful Angels


The holiday season will be sneaking up on us fast, and those of us making donation babies could use some help with supplies!

I am making three donation babies for ladies who live in a group home, and my main need is for a jointed body for 1/4 arms and 1/4 legs (which were donated by Dolls4Me). I am using the Katja head (from racing_girl_9), a Josie head and the Payton head (both from Joa44) Morgan arms and Ella legs (from racing_girl_9), and other limbs and bodies of my own. The Leon head has gone back to Joa44 who plans to reborn him for a donation.

I am donating a BB Lily head to DebiC who is making a baby for a Nursing Home (sounds like fun, Debi!). She will need 22mm eyes, and would like 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs, and will need a body. I have available an assortment of mohair (donated by Hand Denise). I have a Josie test head which I will donate to someone, 1/4 limbs and a hard Berenguer head (from Dolls4Me) and large AD 3/4 limbs (one leg has a crack on the inside). I also have a body for 1/4 arms and 3/4 legs (from PamelyB), a body for 3/4 arms and 1/4 legs and a set of limbs from a Kimberly Durden Paradise Galleries doll that I will donate.

If you have items to donate or would like to make a donation baby, just PM me. It may take a few days for me to get back to you.

Don’t forget, those who donate supplies or make a donation baby get a logo for their website, siggy, or however you want to use it! Just PM me and I will get that made and sent to you!

I want to thank Lyndies*Lovies for her generous offer of three Moses baskets for my group-home ladies.

Lets make this a wonderful Christmas for those who could not otherwise have a reborn to love.



I am PMing you…I would like to donate a package of various supplies to try and help out. Thanks!


Items needed for sure at this point:
3/4 arms to fit Lily head
3/4 legs to fit Lily head
22mm eyes for Lily head (BB has these on sale!)
3/4 limb body for Lily head
1/4 arm and 1/4 leg jointed body
weighting and stuffing materials

Items available if you want to make a donation baby (it would help if you can pay postage!):
Josie test head (spot on cheek)
Hard berenguer head with blue eyes
AD 3/4 limbs - damaged but possibly useable
Old Paradise Galleries AA 1/4 arms and 3/4 legs (ugly but good condition)
Body for 1/4 arms and 3/4 legs
Body for 3/4 arms and 1/4 legs
Assorted mohair


I have a 1/4 length arm and leg jointed body. Could you tell me where to send it? Blessings~


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If you need any of the kits painted, I would love to paint one to help out. I have all the paints needed and will pay shipping. Let me know!

Here are pics of the babies I have painted:

Sorry, I have so many pics, painting is my favorite!


I hope to get the outfits and accessories into the mail tomorrow if all goes well. I need to make sure my other half will have the time (I have swine flu, UGH)…and as long as he has time…they will be shipping out to you, Hazel May, tomorrow. I am going to send you a PM. Glad I could help out with some lovely outfits for these 3 lovely ladies!


I just typed out a long reply, and it went poof! I’ll try this again, and then edit…

OK - for the third time… Lap top, cell phone… re-boot. This isn’t going well tonight.

I WILL get back to everyone tomorrow, I hope!


What color eyes do you want?

I can take care of the 1/4 limb body and maybe even the 3/4 limb body and I have some 22" arms (I thought I had legs but it was arms that I had).

Please PM me the color of eyes you would like and also your address and I will get them out to you.


— Begin quote from “number318”

If you need any of the kits painted, I would love to paint one to help out. I have all the paints needed and will pay shipping. Let me know!

— End quote

Thank you! I hope to be able to paint and root the three babies for the ladies I work with myself, if my health cooperates! But I’m sure we can gather the supplies you need to make a donation baby, and you can decide where to donate him/her.

I will have more information soon and will post an update on what supplies are available and who needs supplies. Not sure if this post will go through - I’m still having computer issues.


Ok, sounds good. I do have an extra pair of 3/4 arms from doll dreams. They were test limbs but there is nothing wrong with them. I do not know which doll they are from but they look like they might have been from a preemie. They should work for a 16-19 inch.


Hi I have a berenguer head and 3/4 arm and leg and I have body that are 3/4 with full leg and I have a small 1/2 arm with 3/4 leg would you need some thing like this , let me know where to send and i will


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Hi I have a berenguer head and 3/4 arm and leg and I have body that are 3/4 with full leg and I have a small 1/2 arm with 3/4 leg would you need some thing like this , let me know where to send and i will

— End quote

Wonderful - thank you!!! I know they will go to good use!

I will not be able to catch up on Bountiful Angels (replying to messages, organizing, etc.) until probably Tuesday. I’ve had computer problems (which so far seem to have resolved themselves ) and I picked up some extra shifts at work this weekend (I need the dolly dollars! ).

My ladies are going to have not only babies, but moses baskets and 3 outfits each thanks to all of you! With the new donations becoming available, those of you who have contacted me about making donation babies should be able to do so!

Anyone can post here or start a new thread for Bountiful Angels if you want to make a donation baby or have donations to give. It would actually be easier for me since it is getting harder to keep everything straight (please keep in mind that my abilities change from day to day because of having Chiari).

If someone sends you a donation, just let me know and I will make them a logo. If you complete a baby and donate it, I will also make you a logo. I’m working on a slightly different logo for “baby makers.” I’d like to hear stories about where your babies go and definately would like pictures! As I work on a website for Bountiful Angels, I will post pictures and stories to inspire others, and I will also post links to your websites.


Tell me where to send them and I will get the out on monday.
will we being see picture of the finish baby. it ok if not just thought it would be nices


Oh, you will definately be seeing pics of the three I am making! Here is the one I’ve started. I haven’t had time to work on her in several weeks though. I’ve been working on Vienna and Noe.

The head is Payton and was donated by joa44. The limbs are limbs that I had already.







Hi I sent the pack out here is the tracking number 03083390000156436913 it is coming u.s. mail 1800-222-1811 phone