Dominic Rafael lots of pics


I tried to only pick a couple of pics and I made sure not to add the boy parts pic as some people don’t like to see that, apparently including fb.


You did a beautiful job, those lips are to die for♥️


:blush: thank you :blush:


Handsome little guy!


Awww!! I want him!!!


Very cute.


Thank you.


Beautiful baby!

Boy parts story: I was fixing up a boy Nod a couple of years ago, when my daughter, who was then a toddler, grabbed his boy part and said “Oh cool. How do I get one of these?” :rofl::rofl:


LOVE that hair!! He’s a cutie:)


He’s perfect, I love him! Great pictures too!


He is so cute! :heart:


He’s BEAUTIFUL! That hair is gorgeous :blue_heart:


Beautiful for sure.


He’s adorable!! I love his hair. Great job!!


Thank you everyone, assembly was a pain, but I enjoyed dressing him afterwards.


awesome baby, nice painting.