Dolly Supply Deal


I’m running a special package deal. While supplies last.
What you will receive in the package is —
2 Preemie diapers, 1 Pink/Blue striped baby hat, 1 Pacifier and 1- 2oz. baby bottle for $8.00 + shipping.

Please pm me if you’re interested. Thanks


I am in need of micro preemie diapers, would you have any of those?


Sorry but I don’t have any of those. These are pretty small and you might be able to trim them to fit as well. I’m just not sure how much smaller a micro preemie is than a preemie.


I have a few tiny micro prem diapers, not sure exactly how many. But I don’t think shipping would be worth it since I’m in Canada.


I searched for them online to just buy a package of them and I can only find people selling them one or a few at a time. Where do new mommies buy them I wonder…


Awe thank you for letting me know I appreciate you considering it at least.

Do you have any photos of your sets your selling. I would love to see the bottle and pacifier particularly…


Dollssoreal sells 3 packs of them, I think. I got mine with my secondhand tiny silicone so I don’t really know where else you could get them.


Here’s the bottles. You can choose the color if you like.

As for the pacifiers, I have some different kinds but most of them have pooh, eeyore and tigger on them. I don’t have pictures of them right now to post. I can take them and post them later.

I think I can get you micro preemie diapers. Let me know how many you would be interested in or if anyone else would be interested as well.


Here are the pacifiers.


I am very interested, I can pm you…


Here is the XS preemie diapers…some of the reviews show them fitting a baby alive doll…


Amazon is so awesome!!! I dont know what I would do with it!


Yes!!! They have everything!


Dolls by Sandie has a good selection of diapers.