Dolls that resemble family


I would like to make 2 dolls that resemble my aunt and daddy. Both are no longer with me so it would be nice to have that to hold onto. If you know of a kit that resembles both please share that with me. Thanks! :slight_smile:


For the first picture, I see real born Priscilla asleep from BB (not my work)

For the second baby, Iโ€™m seeing Penny by Natali Blick. Available from MacPhearson (not my work)


i thought Aubrey for the second


Thanks! I think I will stick with Aburey for my dad. Donโ€™t care too much for Penny. And never thought of Priscilla I will choose her for my aunt. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


I think both are great matches


The second picture I immediately thought of Aubrey.