Dolls limbs

hi guys!:smiley: which kits have the same limbs? I read that some kits have the same limbs with different heads, like the Rupert toddlers. Is there a list of the others that share limbs?

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I don’t think there is a list. I know Megan, Kadence and Kailyn use the same limbs.

I am not sure about a list either. I do know Aubrey and Lilly share the same limbs. Lilly was my very first reborn to do and when I did Aubrey I noticed the limbs were exactly the same.

Megan, Kadence, Kailyn, Teagan, Taite, Tayla have the same limbs. Then Crystal and Jewel have very similar limbs to those, but bigger.

Aubrey, Lilly and Irelyn are the same. London, Avery, Paisley share the same limbs.

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This is so helpful! Thanks ladies!!! I want to use different limbs on Meg. I didn’t want to get a kit with the same ones!:smiley:

LOL! That would be bad! You can always scroll all the way down and the blank vinyl pieces are shown.


Oh yeah. But I am excited to have this list to access! :smiley:

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