I was wondering if you can put a doll in the refrigerator stuffed with paper towels to get it shape back


I’ve heard of boiled water before but never freezing.


Never freezing . Search at the looking glass the are many topics about how to shape the head …but the best is hot water .


I have a heated a squished head in my magic chef and it popped back into shape . I did not have to stuff it either.


When I receive kits from Laura Lee Eagles she sends a card saying to put misshapen kits in boiling water.


How long do you boil just a few seconds


I would drop it into water that’s at boiling point and turn it off. It should be hot enough


I would heat the kit and add some stuffing to keep the right shape as it cools.


I did one. I boiled the head, stuffed it into shape and put it in the refrigerator. I was changing the bridge of the nose on mine (too straight for my liking). The shape held up well after the stuffing was removed. You probably could just let it air cool but I’ve never tried it that way.


Just heat it up in any way you can think off, and let it cool naturally. If it is badly squashed, stuff something in it while warm and soft to make it the shape you feel is right. But the vinyl, as any other flexible material, will want to return back to it’s original shape.