Doll wigs for contest BB monthly


Hi, I received an email FROM AMBER MARIE stating doll wigs were ok if they are as well done as rooting. who is she? I do
think this should be a part of the instructions for entering as it is confusing not to know
all of the rules. thanks, rosemarie


Not sure i’m understanding… were you wanting to enter a contest–but would like to use a wig???


which contest, Rose?


I received a reply from Amber Marie after asking my question. It came to my regular email. Maybe it’s a mistake. my
question was could a wig be used.? It was on this forum.


my original question is on page 2 and Judy responded.


I am not sure who Amber Marie is either. I did answer the question a while back. Here is where it was answered in June 6. It is on the first page.

I know that wigs were not covered in the rules. I guess we never thought of it and this is the first time someone is asking. We try to accomodate people’s needs. I would say go ahead. We ask people to take into cosideration a variety of things when judging. When it comes to hair, we look at how the hair suits the baby.


LOL Ok the mystery is solved …Its me !!!
My husband set me up on my oldest Daughters account years ago and I have used it for ever -her name is Amber Marie -mine is Cher so if you e-mail me your answer will come back as Amber Marie !!!


I dont know for sure but i would say wigs would be okay to use for sure


thank you for clearing this up! I imagine toddlers especially would use wigs somethimes. rosemarie