Doll show tomorrow in Hollan MI?

Is anyone going to the doll show tomorrow in Hollan MI? If so have you ever been there before? I was thinking of checking it out but do not know if it is worth the 4 hour drive there.
Anyone show their babies there and do they sell?

oh mannnnn…wish I had know about this , I would have made plans to attend but I have something going on tomorrow

If you go and its good I will meet you there next yr!!! Well, assuming they have another one!

Really? I live about 4hrs away from there. I love it in Holland, MI!!! My hubby has had to go there for work (school) and I’d go with and bum around while he was in school. It’s been quite a few years since we have been there. Looking at going next summer though (just because).

I used to go there for class trips! I now live in the U.P. Holland is a beautiful place! Sherry