Doll Body Question

Hi there ladies! I have an Adora make a doll kit. Here’s the link to one: . I don’t know if this ok to post here giving that it’s Adora doll and not a reborn doll. But while trying to assemble the doll I accidently ripped the part where the cable ties go in. I put them in very gently. I guess the body was poorly made. It was a cloth body. Apparently because I opened and tried to assemble the kit, I can’t return it :frowning:

Anyway, so I will need to get my doll kit a new cloth body. My question is can I put the doll on a bigger body? Dolls so real has some cloth doll bodies for 1/4 limbed dolls (which that’s what this doll has.) on Sale. The doll kit when finished is approx. supposed to make a 19-20 inch doll. I like bigger babies. They have a 19-20 inch body and a 22-23 inch body. Would I need to get her the 19-20 inch body or could I get her the 22-23 inch body and make her bigger? If I get the bigger body, will the doll not fit properly?

Get the 19-20" body. Even though a few inches doesn’t seem that big of a difference, it’ll totally mess up the dolls proportions and make it look really bad.

Oh ok. I will do that then :slight_smile: Thanks Izzy!


No prob. :slight_smile: