Doing the "LIVE" test tomorrow

Well, tomorrow I am taking my Kyle(now Ethan-hehe) around the city and to visit friends. This will be a true test to my ability to make the babies come alive! Wish us luck!!

He’s the baby in my signature.

lots of luck make sure you let us know what happens!!!

He is beautiful have fun with him.I just compleated mine tonight HE looks like a Mikey to me.I can’t post pictures it said to large so i will work on that.Let us know how it goes.

Thanks, ladies, I sure will let you know how it goes.

kimesue, post your pictures to photobook then post the tag url in here.

Yes, I do and thanks for reminding me to take some!

Did the ‘live’ test today. Went to Walmart to get a tire fixed and had really good response to the “baby”. Even a pregnant woman came up and cooed and ahhed at the beautiful baby.

At Rob’s work(local very busy thrift store) the reaction was fantastic as I was able to allow some women to hold him. Of course it didn’t help matters much that Rob already told everybody that I make the babies, but it still went over really well.

One woman even came up to the car seat expecting to see a doll and gasped and jumped back and said, “Oh! But that IS a real baby!” and looked at me. I guess the look on my face made her say, “Isn’t it?”

So all in all, a very good reception!!

I forgot the business cards but the women at Rob’s work all know how to get ahold of me.

Congrats on babies day out !!! I love takeing the babies for outtings and always have a planned “reason” like well we are shopping for this babies layette for her e-bay auction comming up and wanted to be sure that the colors are complmentary… and then go into why we must carry them and treat them like real babies -so Child protective services isnt called on us for being bad mommies -this type of conversation seems to help the public relax and enjoy looking at the dolls as they are no longer worried that some nut is carrying around a doll that looks like areal baby