Doing the Dolly Dance...Sold my Sugar BIN

Oh I’m jazzed!!! Just checked on my auction for Sugar and she SOLD BIN for $399, and they paid already. Oh my!!!

I can see why! She’s precious! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Someone is going to be a very lucky mommy

Congratulations! I’m doing the dance along with you. She’s a sweetie and I know that new mommy will be very happy.

Hey that’s great Susie!!! I’m dancin’ with you

Congrats for you. I knew you would get a good price for her.


good for you…congratulations…

Congratulatons …I can see why, she is adorable!

YAY! That’s terrific!!!

That is awesome Susie!!! Now you’ve got some Christmas spending $$$!!!

Good for you ! ! !

Thank-you lovely ladies for your sweet comments!!

Congrats, thats wonderful!!!

So where are you taking us all to dinner???

Not surprising she sold so well…she’s absolutely adorable! Congratulations!