Does this baby make you sad?


I bought a baby long ago and just feel sad when i see him. My daughter
in law says he looks like a downs syndrome baby. I just know I would
like to sell him. If I post pictures will some of you tell me if there is
anything I could do to help him along. thanks, rosemarie
He has 1/4 limbs and a good body. I think the pictures are a bit light
but pretty close. … /head2.jpg … /head1.jpg


sure Rose…post some pictures and I’m sure we all can help you out.


I would love to see pictures.


He does have kind of a sad little face.

If you don’t want to completely reborn him, I would replace…with brown…or reset his eyes, apply new lashes…shorter and darker, give them a good coat of gloss. He’s a little pale maybe you could blush him up a little with some stencil cream.


I don’t think he looks sad as much as expressionless and that may be changeable. He doesn’t look like a Downs Syndrome child and I looked just because I was interested in a baby/child who had those features.

Bad news: His complexion in these pictures doesn’t seem to have any variation - the colors all seem the same. His eyes don’t seem to match up - unfocused. His hair looks like a wig, even if it isn’t. He looks like a doll.

Good news - the proportion of his face looks good for a three or four year old. The complexion matches his hair. It may be good news on the complexion, lack of variation, because redheads do have a very even tone when they are young (freckles appear later).

Comment - many people make sculpts where the size doesn’t match the age i.e., older babies or toddlers that are many inches too small. I would think this doll would need to be over 30 inches to match the features of the face.


he does not look down syndrome at all to me.


I think he is cute the only thing that stands out to me is his eyes dont seem focused they seem to be facing in different directions.


He isnt that bad, look like an older child that has been caught daydreaming.


He looks like a porcelain doll in color. Very white. The eyes are what makes him look a little off. If you look at the 2nd photo they seem to have the gleen in the same spot so I am not sure that they are set off as much as the sockets don’t appear to be the same size. The other thing I noticed is that the eyelash on his right eye tends to tilt down a bit making that eye look more droopy whereas the lash on the left eye is turned up a lot more giving that eye more of an uplifted look.


The first thing I noticed were his eyes. He needs dark brown sparkling ones. He certainly could use a little more color. And how about a more colorful play outfit? His hair does not look “natural”–is it a wig? Poor Rose, don’t let him make you sad!


I know the eyes are off. they have been a real pain to insert. I will
look for some nice brown ones. I’m not sure about the lashes. you
say thicker but what color. shouldn’t they match the hair. maybe
I’ll thin the wig more. It’s such a pain when you don’t root. usually
they aren’t this thick. I have worked so hard to get a light skintone
with baby blush. I found a white , called mixing white oil. it is so good
because it does not look chalky. thank you for your thoughtful comments.
you are right about the sculpt. too old. funny , we have mini babies lol


I hate it when this happens. I will try some heat inside tonight and try;;
to move one over. I am not sure about the sockets. some are really
off or thin. wish I knew the answer. If I just change the eyes and the
sockets are off I will just be repeating the problem.


Rose, I find sometimes when the sockets are off it helps to apply upper and lower lashes and to also use a darker eye color that isn’t so bright like others suggested. Maybe brown or chuck hazel or newborn gray.


If the sockets are the problem, try soft glass eyes. They are perfect for that kind of problem because they are set different from hard eyes. Really easy, too.

I had that problem when I did my Lambkin. His head was really hard plastic and there was no room to maneuver my hand inside his head. The sockets felt uneven or something. I was just anxious to get him done so I used a smaller eye and filled it it with E6000. I wish I would have gone to the trouble of the soft glass eyes with him. Maybe I will redo him some day. I do think he is the cutest little chunker.

Edited to add: Lashes are not always the same color as the hair. Usually a shade or two darker. At least on kids. Mine aren’t the same color as my hair either. I think they’re nearly colorless now.