Does she need more hair?

My friend says YES!! but her babies had tons of cute monkey hair, and, well mine looked more like Elmer Fudd…so maybe that influences it. What do you guys think?

I like mine with a little more hair,its looking good, I tried the sparse look and couldnt get it to look right so I added more hair,

If you like the sparse look then I would pull out some hairs from the follicles that look a bit pluggy. Then try to make sure that the hair is evenly spaced as you do not want her to have areas that are bald and areas that have too much hair. Then give her a nice trim. I think that rooting a nice head of sparse hair is really tough, but you are off to a great start.

It looks like you’re doing good if you like the sparse look, but I’d add some more hair to the top. and just be careful that you don’t leave any bald spots.

Sounds good— I’ll keep working on it… Thanks!!