Does anyone know...

Does anyone know if this Berenguer baby has an actual “boy part” or not? … _Boy%21%29

The one I have doesn’t!

If it’s a “real boy”, then yes, he does!

I would say YES - especially at that price. Now the ones they sell in KMart are about $25, but they are non-sexed.


Where do you find the non gendered “REAL BABY LOOK” ones ( I know where to get the goofy faced cartoony ones)

Yes, that is the one that actually has all the “parts”! I looked at the one at Kmart yesterday but decided I just couldn’t get past the one leg at the knee where it is bent. Just looked funny to me. Was wondering if the real boy and girl had the same legs? Anyone know?

I would say since it says ‘real boy’ and that they have one that says ‘real girl’ then I would say yes there is a better chance of it having a little winky especially being that expensive, i know they have these at kmart but they are the ones with a sex, so i am willing to bet for sure that he does

  Katie, here i thought i was the only one who called it a Winkie!!!!  or as my 8 yr old  grandson calls it " my best friend"

I bought mine on ebay and it said it was a real girl but it has nothing (there) not boy not girl and I pay 39.00 for it because I thought it had girl parts!!!

Did the box say real girl or just the seller? It should state on the box that it is actually a girl. Because the ones at Kmart come with pink outfits but aren’t real girls. At least with a girl, you can paint the parts on. A little hard to do that with a boy! I know my oldest daughter had a set of “real” babies when she was about 4 and she loved the fact that they had all their parts.