Does anyone know where mommyof3 is?

Has anyone seen her on any other forum’s lately? The last time she posted here was the fourth of Oct and she also ordered two 0z of mohair in a custom color from me on that same day.
I PM’e when I had it ready and also sent her an E-mail to her regular E-mail address. I have sold to her many times and have never had a problem with her not getting back to me. I am very concerned that something may have happened to her. If anyone on here knows her or knows why she has not been on can you PM me and let me know. I no longer have her mohair order but just want to make sure she is ok.

I dont know Carolyn but your grandaughter is such a snugglebug, you must be so proud!

Thanks Jen,
yes we love Alayah so much., but then How could you not love that little face LOL.