Does anyone know when we can expect the out of stock kits?

It seems like it has been so long since these out of stock kits were in.

It sure has been a long time!!

Avery (expected end of January 2010)
Byron (expected mid December)
Chrisy (expected mid December)
Claire (expected end of January 2010)
Eden (expected mid December)
Ember - Peach (expected mid December)
Emma - (expected mid December)
Honey (expected mid December)
Jacob (expected mid December)
Kameko (expected mid December)
Kiri (expected mid December)
Lilly (expected mid December)
Molly (expected mid December)
Morgan (expected end of January 2010)
Paige (expected end of January 2010)
Paisley - Peach (expected mid December)
Sam (expected end of January 2010)
Sera - Peach (expected mid December)
Sera - Pink (expected end of January 2010)
Shyann (expected end of January 2010)
Sugar (expected mid December)

Not to mention E Y E S


OH-OH -OH !!! I see new names on that list shouldnt we be seeing some new proto types soon then??? Nevin are you just teasing us???

Those are the new 10" kits Nevin mentioned a few weeks back. We’re supposed to be seeing prototypes soon.

I haven’t bought a BB kit in quite a few months because the kits I want never seem to be back in stock. Its discouraging. BB prides themselves on their great customer service, but continually being out of stock of the products your customers want falls short of their usual high customer service standards. Out of stock products lead to missed sales opportunities, and ultimately decreased profits. While there must be a good reason why this situation has been allowed to continue so long, I really don’t understand why 6, 7, 8 or more months after their release I am still unable to get my hands on a Sugar, Honey, Lilly, or Shyann.

there is a shyann kit on ebay right now. end’s in about 6 hours

Thanks Normajean for the info! I will be watching for mid-December.

These are “expected” not guaranted"