Does anyone have these kits?!


Pictures of some of my favorite sculpts, to show which ‘look’ I like in my kits.
I am looking to purchase or trade for any of these or similar looking kits. I do already have Alexander and Lola, theyre in there because theyre so stinking cute!!
I would absolutely entertain any sale/trade offers you may have.
I can offer kits, reborning supplies, photography props and outfits(check out my sale post for newborn photo props boutique etc).

Kits I have- Realborn: Dominic awake and sleeping, Miranda sleeping, Charles, Priscilla. Non-BB kits: Paisley Ann Faber, Amy-Kim seiffert, Lorenzo may, Tanya Greth, Daisy stoete, Ylenia marx, Delia blick

Also- Eyes, teeth, rooting needles, alpaca hair, Male Realborn front plates, 16 random limbs(there is 1 Realborn set of arms in there) a Moby that is mostly painted but can be stripped, and a stripped Tracy kit.


I just sold the Imani kit last week


No way!!! Man, one of my favorites. I just love squishy faces and plump lips or slightly open mouths, they just look so squeezable lol


Who is the one in the middle please?


@libertydolls I honestly dont have a kit name for him, just a screenshot from one day when I was scrolling on Google lol, I just loved that little face so much!!! Here is the whole picture, maybe someone else will know?!!


I think it might be Buggy by Bonnie Brown.


Youre probably right!! Buggy is on my wish list, so it would make sense.


Who are the cuties on the second row at the end, and the third row on the second spot? So cute!


Second row on end is Jamina one of my must haves!


The third row 2nd kit is Claire Strydom

@Anne She is definitely on my bucket list! Such a sweet face


Thanks. That’s a cute kit. On my list it goes Hehe.


Imani reminds me of Sawyer by Emily Jameson other then the mouth. Sawyer has that scrunchy face.


@AmandasBabies You are so right!! Sawyer is such a cute little squish too, I just love those newborn-looking sculpts, scrunched up faces and adorable expressions. Those, and that “just some up” look :slight_smile: