Does anyone have pictures of

A baby with the Cornflower Blue eyes or these: … 4837f3c6fd
the Dreamy Blue color?


Gosh! this was a looonnnnnggg time ago! but according to my notes…this baby has the Eyeco Cornfower blue eyes…

oh jaynan she is beautiful

thanks Sharon

Thanks y’all!
Janan that baby is really cute and I love those eyes.

thank you! they are a really pretty bright blue…looks good in Luca too!

Here is one of the first babies I made.

Here is another one that I loved:

and another:

Can you tell I liked this color??

wow Jen, those eye’s look beautiful!!

Ok, I think I have chosen to get Cornflower.
I’m in love with those eyes. LoL

— Begin quote from “normajean”

wow Jen, those eye’s look beautiful!!

— End quote

Thanks NJ,
My first baby had orange brows, big lashes and big plugs Yikes

jen I love your babies to, I love them eyes

Thank you Sharon