Does anyone have pictures of their reborn honey?


Would like to see any pictures you have of your reborn honey kits. I am doing one now and would like to get an idea of where to go with eye color and hair.


My siggy is my Honey.


aw she is sweet! I can’t wait to finish mine.


Thank you! Honey is one of my favorites!!


I like her better than sugar!


Oh i do too!! Just wish they would have them in stock more!!


I am using a second head and kinsey arms. The head had a red ink mark on the temple that covered easy!


Here is my Honey

But I gotta admit, I LOVE SUGAR!!!


aww I love your babies!


Here’s my Honey. This is my favorite sculpt that I have done. Hope they get the new kits in sooner than they say!


Here is my Honey!! I Loved reborning this sculpt!!



Awwww ladies your Honey’s are so adorable!!


awww I love her!
I hope my baby looks as nice as all of yours.


They’re all so adorable! I haven’t reborned either one…yet


Here’s mine. He was going to be a keeper but my adopted grandmother who turned 85 today just loved him so I gave him to her for her birthday. She named him Jeremiah. I love this sculpt.


Here are mine. This first one wound up getting me a custom order for the second one:

The second one (and yes you may notice that she has 2 different colored eyes. Her mommy wanted one green and one blue):

And here’s the third one which was also a custom order:


Aw so sweet! I can’t wait to finish mine. I am still trying to get the warm blush to look less rusty with no luck so far.


Here’s Mini Maya, my Honey



She is sweet. Thanks so much for posting your picture.


Why in the world did the mom want two different color eyes? Very strange.