Does anyone have an unwanted head?


I would like a unpainted vinyl to practice my rooting, does anyone have ine they could sell me?


BB has some heads in the parts section.


BB has a couple heads in parts 1 tiny and 1 large.


You can practice rooting on a leg or arm also.


BB had test heads last time I looked a few minutes ago.Think for 3.95?




They are still showing as the last items in parts on my computer.They also have quite a few realborn limbs in parts right now.


I have two $5 each plus shipping.


Do you have heads still


Yes I still have them, they are $5 each plus shipping. I have four of them.


If you have any extra I’m interested.


Semt pm


I have four heads (all opened eyed) $5 each plus shipping. I also have four limb sets, $5 each plus shipping. They are not matched sets, although they may be compatible with each other. They are bb’s older color vinyl (not the gray color). Please do not ask for pics because my camera will not show true color.
Smoke free and USA only.
Heads: Morgan 19" Joey 19" Kyra 21" Kinsey 20" (discontinued BB kit)

Limbs: Raine 20" Josie 19" Sera 20" Hannah 19"

Let me know if you are interested. Thanks


Are you shipping from USA and are they from a smoke free home


How much is the shipping


I wll have to know how many heads or limbs you want and your address to calculate the shipping.




Sent you a pm


Interested in Kinsey head if you still have it!!!


Is the morgan head still available? How much for shipping to 24279