Does anyone ever have problems with Doll-Dreams?

I ordered a kit from them in September and still haven’t received it. I keep emailing them and get no reponse I guess they stole my money, which is too bad. I have always been a good customer of theirs and have always bought from them. Has anyone else experienced this with them?

Just call her. She has always fixed any problem that I have had very quickly. I never email when I have a problem though. I find it much more reliable to talk to a person. Linda is really nice in my opinion.

I had a problem with them once and then found out she wasn’t getting any of the messages sent through her website. I ended up emailing her with the email she uses for paypal and I got a very quick response.


I waited and waited on an order – Silly of me, I know. When I finally contacted them with my proof of purchase, she corrected the problem FAST. My order, an Adrie Stoete kit, came within a week, and she was very apologetic.

I have never had any problems and have ordered frequently.
Did you order during a big sale??? I would call her.

Thanks so much for your advice everyone I will give her a call today, and hopefully get this fixed You gals are the best!

I’ve never had a problem with them either. I think she’ll take care of you if you talk to her. Good luck! Hope it gets sorted out quickly!

I got the wrong kit one time and she paid for me to send it back and sent out the correct one right away.

I too have ordered from her during her sales. Other than the long anticipated wait which is expected, I have had not issues with her. Met her at the doll show in San Antonio-lovely lady.

I’ve only had a couple of minor problems…wrong eyes received…and she sent the right ones and even told me to keep the wrong ones (but I did return them). I found that if I e-mail her and ask her to CALL me, she does. Let us know what happens!