Does Anyone Else Have an Unpainted Kit Assembled and Dressed Up?


As I’m still fairly new I this art, I’ve only painted Shyann and Jake and they are still WIP. I wanted to see how big is Amelia and assembled her and dressed her up. I have a tendency of buying baby girl clothes so I wanted to see her in them. The shoes I bought them after buying my kits for the first time.

Is there anyone else here who has done that?

Not the best pics as I’m using my phone sideways so the pics don’t load sideways.

There are my two WIP babies also dressed up as I take forever to get back to painting :see_no_evil:. See they’ve taken over the couch we never sit on. LOL! My husband has to pray with them every early morning. He clears everything out for a tidy room except for them :sweat_smile:


I did that with my Lillian kit! I put her eyes in too! She was just so cute I had to see her done up before I even started painting her!


I do it all the time, haha. I wanna see how they look when they’re completed, what size they are, what clothing size they wear…


I do it with almost all the kits I get. I live with them that way for awhile - it helps me to decide “who they are going to be”.

Here’s a couple of mine:




Hehehe I look up to you.

I do the same too. That’s why my 4 year old son doesn’t want me to paint Amelia.

I love the red and white outfit. It’s so cute.


I had no eyes in for Amelia. I put sunglasses on her and grew bored of them. Then my 4 year old son asked me to put her eyes in. He told me she’s crying for her eyes.


Hahaha that’s cute.


I did for a little bit. Then I was eager to paint so went out and got paint and painted. :slight_smile:


I wish I had all that time to paint. :heart_eyes:


Yes…just had to see what he was going to look like!


Too cute even without paint


I usually do if it’ll be awhile before I can paint the kit, like if I’m waiting for something to come in first. Or if I don’t have a clear vision for the baby, I’ll dress him/her up and do whatever comes to me when I see the kit as a baby and not as just parts. Weird, but it works sometimes


Yes that helps.


I have a Samiah kit that is my keeper assembled but no clothes.
I had made one and sold it and regretted it and finally found another one. ( i do not have any keepers painted yet I always need the money more than the baby. )


Here’s my sweet unpainted kit! I think Laila looks so realistic even before painting.


She does look really. She is so cute.

@crystal_s at least dress up that baby. :heart_eyes:


Oops I did it again!!! I needed to get rid of the boxes inside the "supposed-to-be-our-son’s"bedroom. So I assembled and dressed Tibby.

Excuse the lighting. I used my tablet at night.