Doe suede bodies 4 sale

I have way too many bodies here for kits I don’t have so am offering them for sale. All bodies I have for sale have been double seamed for durability.
They are all very nicely made doe suede bodies in the color rice paper and all come with the ties with metal locks. The color is very nice especially if you dress your babies in light colored clothes.
First I have 3 all one size bodies. They are for around an 18" baby depending on what you have for limbs. The arm and leg caps are narrower like the BB body #2348. Looks exactly like that body.
I measured from the neck to the crotch and the bodies are all 9 1/2 inches long. Asking $15.00 each plus shipping. Buy all three for $45.00 and I will ship free to USA / continuous 48 states.
My W.B. Taylor is modeling one of the bodies. Taylor has a bit longer head so is 18 1/2 " on this body style.

I pmed you for Piper’s 14" body…

three bodies are still available.

Still available with free shipping in the USA 48 states.

All bodies include the cable ties, not the string shown.