Do you?

If you click to be a watcher on Ebay, do you usually bid?
I just want an idea.
I have alot of watchers on Maddie and I am so excited.
The count is up to 66 as of now!

She ends this Sunday.

— Begin quote from “BrendaT”

if I bid on something in my watch list I usually end up removing it from there, because I can watch it in the bid section instead.

— End quote

yea, that’s what i do lol
i just wanted to get an idea from some of those “last minute bidders”

I usually removed it from watching after I bid too, but I still have her in watching and she is my only bid on anything this week. The rain has stopped and the yard has not just been calling, it’s crying. I had to stop due to back pain. So I get to play a bit.

I usually get a few the night I list and then a flood if I post the link on the forums. Most watchers are usually reborners.

I usually watch the babies from the ladies on the forums I take part in, so I can congratulate them (or comment) first hand when the auction is over.

I also watch babies that I think are particularly extraordinary (either by being too beautiful or… well, too ugly), just to see if they’ll sell for the price I would think they’re worth.

PixieKissedBabies were always my favorite to watch! I used to love seeing those four-figure numbers and wondered how Ella should be feeling, watching her perfect babies sky-rocket like that!

There are a couple of reborners that I watch their babies. One are babies posted from “Little Sprouts Nursery”. She consistently lists babies and consistently sells babies. She about always has a baby listed. While she doesn’t get the “big bucks”, she gets a decent price, more than enough I would think to cover her expenses and make profit. I purchased a “Sugar” from her and loved that baby! I showed her to a friend of mine whose grandbabies live in another state, she cried when she saw her and so I gave her my “Tiny Sprouts” baby! It was the right thing to do!
But I still miss her!