Do you worry about what others think?

Although Amber and I have friends and family who are VERY supportive in our new hobby, we also have some family members who are not quite as supportive. They think its childish and strange. They think its crazy to have a room turned into a nursery FOR DOLLS!!! Its weird to paint dolls that look SOOO REAL!!! Etc.

One of the family members who arent sooo supportive is our grandpa who lives with us. He is letting us turn our old room into a nursery, but he thinks its a strange and childish hobby.

Some of the other unsupportive family members are coming for a week at Christmas. This is our first family gathering at our house since we started reborning. We are not looking forward to the strange looks and strange feelings we will get from them.

How do you all deal with people who think you are strange and childish because you reborn???

My family is all very supportive! They all look at it as an art form, not much diffrent them when I had my own ceramic shop. Now on the other hand some do think they are very CREEPY Lol…
I do have one friend that supports me with what I do, but she will not call them dolls! She tells me how creepy they are and calls them my dead babies. She does love the talent it takes to reborn one…but thinks they are just way to real. And when it comes to art there is nothing childish about it.
My neices husband the other day wanted to use my computer…I told him go ahead and just move stuff out of his way…he looked at me real strange and said “Margaret this looks like some kind of really weird baby factory.” I just laughed and told him, Well Charile it is. LOL
You have to do what makes you happy. You can’t live your life just because someone thinks it maybe childish or weird.

Well personally I don’t care what anybody thinks about me or
my hobby. I do it because it makes me happy.I have collected dolls
most my life,nothing childish about it. Maybe it’s childlike,but thats a good thing.
You only get 1 go around in life, you need to stop worrying what others think and do what is right for you.

In life not everyone will like what you do…you wont like every person you meet and not everyone will like you…just “agree to disagree” and keep doing what you ladies love to do!

I don’t care what people think or say. I love it and enjoy it, and that’s good enough for me. I figure there are lots of things out there I could be doing that aren’t so harmless! If reborning makes you girls happy, that’s all you should care about.

make them because you love doing them and ignore those who do not appreciate what you do…just close the door to your nursery and enjoy their visit. If they ask then share but if they do not, do not open yourself up for negative input. JMO
It must be so nice to have your sister enjoying the art with you.

I look at it this way. My daughter in law is an opera singer. Now I don’t especially love opera music but I respect and admire her talent. I do appreciate that she has worked very hard to hone her skills as a singer. I also attend every single performance she does in show of my support. I think the same should go for any talent or hobby. Not everyone will especially like it but the least they could do is respect your talent as an artist. I think you would not be out of line if you said something like: It’s okay if you don’t like our dolls but it’s what we love. So please try to be tolerant while you are here.

Good luck girls and don’t let it get you down. And above all, don’t ever ever ever stop reborning!

— Begin quote from “mamacat”

Well personally I don’t care what anybody thinks about me or
my hobby. I do it because it makes me happy.I have collected dolls
most my life,nothing childish about it. Maybe it’s childlike,but thats a good thing.
You only get 1 go around in life, you need to stop worrying what others think and do what is right for you.

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AMEN, mamacat! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

All you have to say is “Different Strokes for Different Folks”

i have many in my family who love it…some that don’t…and when they make a negative reply about it i tell them thats fine they don’t like them…i don’t make them for ppl who don’t like them i make them for myself and for ppl who do like them…it usualy shuts them up…
i take my baby’s with me all the time to stores…and resturaunts…you do get a few strange looks of course these are the ones that don’t like them and sometimes get realy embarassed when they find out their not real…but i have more ppl loving them then not…i hand out many cards…
the way i see it…is my forever baby is my advertisement…which is why i take her around…ppl can see your work first hand and then can go and look at your site to see the rest…pictures online doesn’t do a baby justice…word of mouth works great…and when someone can see your babies up close they can see how real they look…
the way i see it…is you wouldn’t go to a hardware store and buy something if you couldn’t see the product and hold it and see the quality…thats just MHO…
what bothers me about family members that don’t care for me taking my baby out is this…no one seems to have any problems with say vacuum cleaner …they keep their vacuum’s in their vans …and show anyone who wants to see…they demonstate and everything…
but like i said its just my Opinion…
don’t let the ones who don’t care for what you do bring you down…not everyone will like what you do…and thats with any job…

Well put, foxmom!

I do reborning because I love it, it fills long lonely hours. I spend a lot of time alone…if those of my family do not like my hobby, my art…I say maybe if you had come to visit me or invited me to your activities etc., I wouldn’t have had to find a hobby. Now you just keep your opinions to yourselves & be glad I have something I love to do, it lets you off the hook!
Just keep on doing the things that fill your life with happiness. I think it’s wonderful that you share the same hobby/art!

Im fortunate that it is just me and my hubby in our home lol. He is very very supportive of my hobby as for the rest of our family they are okay with it My FIL thought it was weird until my hubby told him how much I sell them for lol didn’t think it was so weird then lmao. My Mom and Dad are my biggest critics lol. They tell me exactly what they like and don’t like. I will never forget I entered a contest and my dear mother voted for someone elses baby lmao. If you are happy doing the babies that is all that matters. Everyone is going to have different opinions but if they are not paying your bills, or sleeping with you at night they really don’t have a say so in the matter lol.

I don’t think reborning is “childish” at all. A 5 year old can not reborn as a pro lol. This is a super fun and addicting ART. The toys my son gets for his birthday and Christmas…my fiance is more into them than he is. I don’t see that as childish, I think it is funny and laugh at him. Do what you like doing and never give up!

As for family they seem very supportive. I don’t know what they say behind my back (nor do I care, at least I know that they are thinking about me). My thoughts are no matter, I would only worry if I depended on their financial support and they bought my supplies. They don’t, but my sisters will look for baby articles and I have to remind them…look at the size, they will not grow into them! I had to tell them NO MORE pleeze! lolrothf

My nephew helped me redecorate my nursery a few years ago and said that I have more baby clothes for the dolls than he had for all of his 3 children.

Yes, I will take them with me and my husband used to balk when I would take them out with us until he learned that it was a form of my advertising and he says nothing now, except* “got a sale for that one”?* I have had strange looks, but usually due to how they are dressed in the weather or where they are sitting, meaning it would be strange for a real baby! More are fasinated by how lifelike they are after they get pass the shock. I just tell them that they are the new porcelain for adults! They will hold them and even rock them (unconsciously) when they know that they are dolls. I enjoy that the most because I know that I have accomplished what I set out to do.

So as long as you are selling your babies and your clients are happy, blow it off, they probably wish that they could do it!

Awwww, don’t you worry about what anyone else thinks. Its your hobby and makes you happy. And remember the joy your first two brought to your nieces, they couldn’t wait to get them so they didn’t wait for hair, haha. You are bringing joy and happiness into the world with this, dont let any sour puss non supportive people steal that from you.
Show them a link to an ebay doll that sold for over $1000 and then see how childish they think it is…
I say ignore the non supportive people. everyone is entitled to a hobby and creative outlet, stress relief project.
You arent harming anyone or yourself… you do what you love to do !!!


I read your letter and felt for you, All I can say is that in life there will always be people who don’t like or approve of what some do, what matters is what you think and what means something to you, some people need to learn the art of acceptance and support the ones they say that they love, its not only what they say its what they display that can make all the difference.
Smile and stand tall, this is your passion and never let anyone take that from you!!!
I love my reborning and wouldn’t stop for the world, let your light shine and believe in yourself!

Many Hugs and Much love from one Reborner to Another
Tarnya xxxxx

I have been into dolls for so many years that it do not surprise anyone. My youngest daughter does call the creepy because they are so life like. It is just for me and I don’t care if anyone thinks I am foolish.