Do you watch soap operas, if so which ones?


I haven’t watched any soap operas in over 30 years. I started watching them when I was in elementary, 5 n 6th grade. I use to run home from school to watch general hospital. I also watched, Rhyans hope, all my children n one life to live. But, general hospital was my favorite, I loved Allan n Monica Quatermine. I loved them so much I wanted to name my children after them, but I outgrew that theory. I loved Luke n Laura too. I remember that so called ■■■■ seen like it was yesterday. My aunt, her favorite was the young n the restless. We met Victor n Nicky in person at the mall. He held my lil cousin n kissed her. She was about 5 months old then. We had pictures. No no longer have them. I also watched Dallas. Remember the series of shows , who shot Jr.? What soaps did you or do you watch n who are your favorite characters?


I only watch Days of Our Lives. It started several years ago when I was pregnant with a broken foot. I was scrolling through the TV looking for something to watch. (I didn’t have cable so the choices were limited.) Anyway, when I turned to NBC there was a lady trapped in a coffin. So I just had to see why. Then I decided I needed to keep watching til the coffin problem got resolved. But by the time that happened, other events with other characters were happening. So I had to watch til those dramas were settled. 8 years later, I’ve yet to find a spot where I can quit watching. And so are the days of our lives. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I probably would have watched to see what happened as well. They like to drag stuff on to keep your attention n you watching.


No but when I was a kid in school I hurried home to watch Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows ? I think was the name everyone wanted to be bit by him lol


Lol, I watched that too. I wanna say it came on at 4pm back then. After general hospital. But another channel.


Have no idea when it came on but it was on when I got there from school it would be funny today but hey I was a kid what you expect lol


As a child I watched As the World Turns with my mom -watched it on and off until it went off the air when I was in my thirties I think lol - the Young and Restless began during that time and I ve watched it on and off ever since lol - u can go for months and not watch but usually catch back up when u start back lol -and Nikki and Victor are still on there lol -married again for now :joy::joy:-


I loved that show! Now I love greys anatomy


Dark Shadows!!! I used to run home from school to watch!

Used to love Dallas and Knots Landing.

Watched Days of Our Lives once when I was home with the flu, too weak to change the channel or couldn’t reach the remote. LOL. All I remember is Marlena was floating above her bed, possessed or something. That was in 1994, I think. Hope she’s better now. :grin:


Really, I wonder what they look like now.


Yes!!! I Loved the Soaps my favorite was All My Children. I never missed a show since I was younger I loved that show… my father introduced me to the Soap and we use to watch it together :blush: I use to love half days of school I would ask the bus driver to hurry up so I can watch my soaps… the other kids use to call me an old lady :joy::joy:… I also was into One Life to Live I wish they would bring them two back with all the original people that’s scattered on these other shows :disappointed::disappointed:


Lol, I was tryna to think of knots landing. But I think Dallas was better.


I can’t believe your dad watched all my children. St least you had some one to watch it with m discuss it with.


Makeup and I m sure face lifts make Nikki still look pretty young :joy:- they gotta be in late sixties unless they were teens when the show started lol -


Yes, Very Rare but he loved all my children. He would record (on vhs…lol) shows I missed so I can watch them… we were into All My Children and Wrestling (WWF now WWE) :slightly_smiling_face:


I still watch General Hospital on Hulu every evening! The original Laura and the original Monica are still on the show :blush:


I have to nope out on this one lol. I used to watch with my mom who loved As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, and General Hospital. My friend liked weekly soaps stuff like The O.C., Dawson’s Creek and The Gilmore Girls. I’m not a fan. I might watch Riverside soon. I loved the Archie comics as a girl.


As a kid I did even when my kids were little I did. When they took All My Children and As The World Turns off I quit watching. Has any one seen Yellowwood to me it’s a soap a lot like Dallas and very good.


Been watching The Yong and the Restless since the day it first aired. They’re not so young anymore. LOL