Do you want your face to stay like that?

Remember Mom saying that? I find when I’m concentrating on rooting or painting, my face is not relaxed–either teeth are clenched or my lips are pressed tightly. Either way, it’s not pretty, and I might get BB wrinkles! What about your face?

I do all my doll making on my bed too. Results in glue on my favorite blanket and paint on a pillowcase! As for my face, I can honestly say that I haven’t used a mirror while rooting! I listen to tv now instead of watching it due to way too many boo-boos on fingers from needles and finding out I rooted an ear or a forehead. As to wrinkles, I’m lucky in too aspects … good genes so while my hair is totally gray minus the dye, I don’t have a lot of wrinkles and number two is that I really don’t care about the wrinkles! The gray hair and saggy boobs are a much bigger concern!!! On the other hand for some reason the other day, Jonathan and I were making ugly faces to prevent something…can’t remember what…but I am glad my face didn’t stay that way!!

Ha-ha! Glad to know I’m not the only one who gets the “making my dolly” face! Also glad no one takes a picture!