Do you sell & ship your babies outside the U.S.?

I have shipped to Canada several times and Austrailla once. It was really fine. I was surprised how easy it was to ship to Austrailla. It cost $64 in shipping, but the customer paid for it. Arrived within a week.

I do. So far I’ve shipped to Japan twice and Canada with no problems. On the customs slip I just put REBORN DOLL NO SAND as the description and they have gotten there just fine. I found that when I took the leap and starting listing my dolls worldwide, I had much more action on the listings. Just my experience

I ship Worldwide. It is really quite easy. I to add a letter on the top inside) of the box to customs in both English and the language of the country the baby is traveling too. I have 3 snack zip lock bags one for the glass beads, one for the poly fill and one for the poly pellets. With an explination of each on the letter. I have yet to have a problem (knock on wood) It does help with sales.