Do you see boy or girl?

I see both so not sure what way I want to go

I see mostly girl but it would make a cute boy too.



Cute girl.


girl as well

Thank’s ladies, girl it is

Yup, I see a sweet lil girl!

You did this scupt so beautiful I think it can go either way also…just can’t decide. Good luck on choosing.

She’s adorable! And I definately see a girl.

Looks like a perfect lil princess to me!

That is definately a girl. I can’t do this decision making after the fact. I begin making a baby and always know if it is a girl or boy and usually even have a name picked out. I helps me to think of it finished before I even begin. I know the name may be changed by the buyer but for me it usually stays the name I gave it before I began.

I think a girl also.

I see a cute baby girl,

I see a girl too!